One Reason You’re Not Losing Weight or Making Gains

You think you are eating the right things

The number one thing I hear when I meet with people for my free consultation is “I eat pretty good”. What is eating “pretty good”? Is it what you’ve read on Google? Did you self-educate via your internet browser? You need to take a written assessment of everything you eat and drink in order to get a good look at what you are actually eating. This is why a 3-day food log is required for my incoming clients. Our first appointment I can take a look at what you are really eating. This can be very eye opening.

Mistake Number 1-You are not eating enough protein

The number 1 food most American’s are NOT eating enough of? Protein. Do you know that you need a gram of protein per pound of your desired body weight? That is just to maintain your muscle. If you want to gain new, lean muscle, you will need to eat more. Protein is the one macro-nutrient that you don’t store as fat, so if you are healthy, you don’t need to worry about “over-eating” it. Whatever you don’t use, you excrete. So, why aren’t you eating more of it? Let me also preface this by saying, depending on your activity level, your age, and your goals, not everyone’s needs will be the same. Someone who is elderly with kidney disease does not need to be eating that much protein. This is where a nutrition coach comes in handy.

I help figure out how much protein you need based on all of these other factors. The most effective way of helping a client with this is tracking their food. If you don’t track what you eat and you don’t add up the macro-nutrients, you will have no idea exactly how much food you are eating. Weighing and measuring your food is good awareness, especially when someone “thinks” they are eating enough of a certain food. It isn’t something you do forever, but for a few days or weeks it can be a game changer in your own nutrition journey.

Too much processed food and too much sugar

The first simple step in getting more protein, is to simply swap out one macro for another. Breakfast is a great place to start. Take a look at what you and your kids eat for breakfast. Are you eating cereal, toast, waffles, or something from a bag or box? Set your alarm 10-15 minutes earlier and make fried eggs for breakfast. If you don’t like eggs, learn to like them. I didn’t always like to eat eggs for breakfast. Actually, I hated it. Carbs were my breakfast jam, carbs, with carbs. Then, I would be hungry 2 hours later. I was disciplined though, and I continued to eat my eggs for breakfast every day, even though I didn’t love them. But guess what? Now I do.

Do this today: take inventory of your refrigerator and pantry. Do you have more food with labels and chemicals, you can’t identify, than whole foods, like meat, dairy, fruits, and vegetables? A good place to start is replacing some of the refined sugar and processed food with real food. Instead of buying cookies, buy apples. Have nuts in place of chips. Eat well-sourced protein and dairy in place of your pasta and bread.

Making these changes is a good place to start if you are feeling “stuck”. The next step is booking an appointment for help. Click here to learn about what Nutrition Coaching can do for you.

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