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Nicki Roberts Bolinger worked with me remotely from Lafayette, Indiana (1 hour away) last year. Nicki started with the intention of just doing a month and seeing how it went. But before the month was even over she decided to sign up and continue. She made some major changes and got amazing results! I am so proud of her and the healthy habits she has developed. Check out her experience below!

I lost 4% body fat and 13 pounds in the first six weeks working with Missy and implementing her nutrition program. I tried everything before working with Missy; online food plans that had worked in the past, online workouts and more. I was also eating in the middle of the night, almost every night.😖 I was very frustrated with this habit. I am so glad that I invested in myself working with Missy. She helped adjust my macros (macros are the protein, fats and carbohydrates in your diet and you can eat a certain amount a day depending on facts about you.) I found out that I wasn’t consuming enough fats in my diet and too many carbohydrates. This led to being hungry all the time. Missy switched this up so I would be eating more fats and now I feel much more full through the day and not as exhausted! She also told me that I couldn’t eat at night and that’s all I needed! I love the recipes Missy has given me. I am new at learning about what is good for you (good butter and bad butter, etc.) and what is not. I add in 2-3 new foods or recipes a week and gradually I will have plenty to choose from and foods that I love. Last time I met with Missy I cried because I was so happy with my results, how I have been feeling, her amazing energy and kindness. Thank you, Missy! I will be forever grateful!

-Nicki Roberts Bolinger

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