Mindset=Habit Change

What is your mindset?

Making good choices on a daily basis is hard. But if your mindset is ” I can’t do it”, you won’t do it. Discipline is difficult in the moment, but the fruit of discipline is life-giving. It gives physically, mentally, and emotionally. When you make good choices, or better choices, you feel better about yourself. Even things like waking up in the morning will be easier. You will be able to love others better, work harder, and keep going.
When you aren’t constantly bogged down with worry about your food and fitness choices, you will have the mental freedom to perform better in other areas, like parenting, work, or playing with your kids!

Mindset change leads to habit change

What mindset shifts do you need to make today? Changing your mindset will help you change your habits. It doesn’t have to be some extreme elimination diet, but it should be one small change you can live with. One thing you feel convicted about. You know you should do it, but you have been putting it off.
I challenge you to decide what habit you will change today. Believe it, execute it, and don’t look back.

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