Finding Your Lightbulb Moment

Lightbulb Moments

We have all had those moments where something suddenly clicks. Whether it was a solution to a problem or figuring out how to do something. Suddenly, your eyes were opened to some clear-cut answer and you knew what the next step was. Have you ever had a moment like this regarding your health and nutrition? The answer for me is a resounding YES! My health is radically different after making some pretty major habit changes! In turn, I have also had the opportunity to help many other people make these same changes. If you are reading this, I hope you decide to make some changes too.

My Moment

I had a baby in 2011 and it rocked my world, my physical world mostly. Sleep-deprived, depressed, mal-nourished, and hormonally imbalanced, I barely scraped by the first 6 years of my son’s life. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why I felt so bad! Looking back, my diet consisted mostly of sugar, refined carbohydrates, and caffeine, but it never occurred to me that what I was eating could be causing my horrible sleep, my depression, and my irregular hormones. I was 26 years old, thin, active, and I “thought” I was healthy. Oh how wrong was!

Then, I had a friend tell me about a book, called “Deep Nutrition”, he said it was very interesting and that I should read it. So, I did. It was a 400 page book on everything you need to know about your body and how it reacts to different foods. This book sparked an interest I never knew I had. Now, I was thinking about where my food came from, how it was grown, made, or processed. I realized my family health history and what I grew up eating had huge weight on my food choices, even the way food effected my body today. These were all things I never thought about before. But more importantly, things that I never learned about. But ultimately, the greatest thing I learned, was that I could change the way I was eating.

It’s A Marathon, Not A Sprint

Learning to change your eating habits doesn’t happen overnight. You have to look back over the course of your life and take inventory of the way you’ve eaten and lived. Undoing a lifetime of habits takes time. It isn’t easy and it isn’t fast. My husband and I started with 1 change at a time. But they were radical changes. I’ve never looked back because I feel and look the best I ever have. The changes we’ve made have effected our son, our family, my clients, and even those who haven’t reached out for help yet.

Lifestyle habit changes start with just one light-bulb moment. You will have more along the way, but you just need one to get you started. What is yours? Don’t wait until you get those “bad” lab results, or the heart attack. Do it now. You will thank yourself later and so will your family. Medications, hospital bills, and funerals are expensive. The price of getting help is going to be a fraction of that cost.

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