Don’t Blow It On Vacation

Eating Tips to keep you on track while you are on vacation The most common thing I hear from people when returning from vacation is, “I really blew it”.  We go on vacation to enjoy time away, eat out, splurge, and relax more than we

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Food For Fuel

Mindset First What is your mindset toward food and eating? Do you eat when you aren’t hungry? Do you snack because you are bored? Do you only eat food that tastes salty or sweet or is fixed a certain way? Figuring out why you eat

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Where Does Your Food Come From?

Knowledge is Key Do you know where your steak came from? How about your eggs, bacon, chicken tenders, and cheeseburger? Do have any idea what you are putting in your mouth? Better yet, what nutrients you are getting from the food you eat? I find

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Why Soy is Bad for You

Soy is one of those things that you assume is fine to eat because it comes from a soybean, which is grown from the earth, therefore must be healthy. Wrong. Soy is not good for you, in fact, soy can do a lot of damage

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