My Christmas “Treats(cheats)” List

Sugar-Free Recipes Please The Christmas season is upon us and with that come peppermint mocha’s and homemade fudge. But I have a few better than that. What if you could still enjoy these things without all of the guilt (and the sugar coma) that come

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Protein: Keep it simple and Make it Happen

It’s your choice You have the freedom of choosing what food you eat in this country. That is an amazing gift and blessing that many are not afforded in other places around the world. But since we are bombarded with ultra-processed food that is quick

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The Protein Story: Part 2

Where you should start Most people get lost and overwhelmed with the misinformation on the internet. Avoid the confusion and try this: My first tip, and what I require from my clients before they come see me, is to write down everything you eat for

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The Protein Story: Part 1

You aren’t eating the right amount of protein. Period This series on protein is meant to educate you on what protein is, what it does for your body, and why you should eat more of it. Let me start out by saying that the majority

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Are You Ready For The Holidays?

My turning point Do you have a plan for the Holidays this year? It’s never to early to think about what you will do when faced with tough food choices. Don’t even mention your response to your family breathing down your neck to have seconds.

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Too Busy For Health

Truth There is a crisis in this country. People are so busy that they don’t have time for their health. Not just their overall health, but specifically their Nutrition.  Most people claim they don’t have time to sit down and eat REAL food, let alone

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Nicki’s Story

Hear Nikki’s Testimonial Nicki Roberts Bolinger worked with me remotely from Lafayette, Indiana (1 hour away) last year. Nicki started with the intention of just doing a month and seeing how it went. But before the month was even over she decided to sign up

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Sugar: The Facts

Once you start looking, you see sugar everywhere, in everything. The majority of people assume sugar is some benign, inconsequential ingredient. But this assumption is wrong, and it is killing your health. This processed white substance causes a cascade of issues that transpire inside our

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Mindset=Habit Change

What is your mindset? Making good choices on a daily basis is hard. But if your mindset is ” I can’t do it”, you won’t do it. Discipline is difficult in the moment, but the fruit of discipline is life-giving. It gives physically, mentally, and

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One Reason You’re Not Losing Weight or Making Gains

You think you are eating the right things The number one thing I hear when I meet with people for my free consultation is “I eat pretty good”. What is eating “pretty good”? Is it what you’ve read on Google? Did you self-educate via your

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