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“One of the biggest things I learned from Missy is that you don’t have to starve yourself to lose weight. Instead of eating under 1200 calories a day, I was told I can eat at a minimum 1600 calories which was actually harder to hit once I changed my eating habits.”
“My beginning weight was 166.7 and 32.6% body fat. With just exercise I was down to 163lbs and 29.4% body fat. After one month of doing nutrition coaching with Missy, I was down to 153.3lbs and 25.5% body fat.”


“I lost 4% body fat and 13 pounds in the first six weeks working with Missy and implementing her nutrition program. I tried everything before working with Missy; online food plans that had worked in the past, online workouts and more.”
“I am so glad that I invested in myself working with Missy.”


“Prior to starting the nutrition program with Missy, my biggest challenges were eating for nutrition to meet my bodies needs and showing up to the gym consistently. The first step is to start.”
“Before any excuse enters your mind, START. I lost 30 lbs of fat and gained 10 lbs of muscle!”



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